Saphir Shoe-Eze - Shoe Stretching Spray 50ML

Saphir Shoe-Eze - Shoe Stretching Spray 50ML

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We all know that feeling when we are excited to wear our new shoes but then swiftly realise that they are a little tight and are hurting our feet.

We would like to introduce to you Shoe-eze®, a product that was invented as the first leather softener in 1953 and will help you make your new shoes fit.

The reason for pain when wearing new shoes is usually caused by two things. First, the leather can be really stiff because it has been exposed to heat and dampening followed by drying during the manufacturing process. This hardens the leather and the shoes don’t follow the motion of your feet and aren’t as easy to flex as they should be.

Second, ready to wear shoes often don’t fit our feet perfectly since they are made to fit a big group of people. If you have wider feet or a high instep shoes might be too tight and start to hurt.

These two things together are the main source of pain when wearing your new shoes. When people speak of „breaking in“ your new shoes, what they essentially mean is to make your shoes flexible and stretching them through wearing. To skip or accelerate this process we recommend to use Shoe-eze®. Shoe-eze® is a leather softener that will soften the fibre structure of the leather which will allow the leather to stretch and mold around your feet.

Breaking in new shoes can damage your feet, especially on women’s shoes which often have a narrow and pointy shape together with a higher heel, the foot is pushed into an unhealthy shape which will then over time cause deformation like a halux valgus.