Saphir Edge Dressing & Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream

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Saphir Renovating Cream is useful for situations where you need a strong amount of pigment to recolour leather such as around the sole edge of your shoes or on a badly scuffed toe. Mixing colors can create any pallet to cover scratches and cigarette burns on smooth leather (dress shoes, clothes, leather goods, and furniture).

Available in 49 colours

 Instructions for Use:

  1. First clean area with a brush.
  2. If you can, press any loose pieces of leather back into place, alternatively cut away any loose pieces of leather (optional).
  3. Apply a small amount of the Saphir Renovating Repair Cream using your finger. Use it to fill any scratches or deep scuff marks. 
  4. Allow 15 minutes to dry.
  5. Use Saphir Pommadier Polish (with shoes only) to blend area.