Saphir Crème De Luxe 75ML with applicator

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For polishing your gore-tex and leather shoes. Beeswax formula with 3 functions. Nourishes, restores the colour and waterproofs.
With applicator in 75 ml.

Crème de Luxe is formulated with beeswax, which has natural protection qualities. The beeswax penetrates the leather, adding nourishment which helps prevent cracking. The colour tinting conceals scuffing and scratches and renews the patina.

Crème de Soins is suitable for use on smooth leather products such as clothing and shoes, and TEX materials.


Test Crème de Luxe on an inconspicuous area to assess the finish.

For shoes, use the built-in applicator to apply Crème de Soins directly to the leather.

For clothing or leather goods, unscrew the cap and apply Crème de Soins onto a soft cotton cloth to ensure appropriate coverage.

Allow to dry, then buff using a brush.