Saphir Canadian Polish 75ML

Saphir Canadian Polish 75ML

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Regenerating cream based on beeswax. For stain-removing, re-colouring, softening and waterproofing of jackets, coats and all smooth leather clothes (without rubbing off onto clothing.).Remarks :- highly concentrated product, use sparingly, suitable for garments, bags etc.

Available in the following colours:

01 Black, 02 Neutral, 03 Light Brown, 04 Brown, 05 Dark Brown, 06 Navy Blue, 21 White, 32 Boar Brown, 37 Medium Brown, 20 Green, 11 Red, 08 Burgundy, 14 Grey, 29 Mink, 56 Gabardine, 09 Mahogany, 34 Tobacco


For more permanent recoloring of leather goods, consider Saphir Juvacuir


  1. First clean the article using a damp cotton cloth
  2. Apply the CANADIAN using a cotton chamois
  3. Allow to dry for 15 minutes
  4. Polish with a brush