Saphir Beaute DU Cuir Creme Surfine Shoe Polish 50ml (74 Different Colours)

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The Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Cream Superfine Cream Shoe Polish is an all-natural cream polish based on beeswax, mineral spirits, and pigments. This formula will nourish, waterproof and renovate the color of leather shoes. Especially well-suited for closed-pore and shiny leathers incapable of absorbing high-concentrations of waxes.

Available in 74 Colours:

Neutral, White, Off White, Eggshell, Ivory Grey, Twine Yellow, Pink Beige, Beige, Ivory, Smoky Grey, Seagull Grey, Mist Grey, Birch Grey, Marble Grey, Stone Grey, Elephant Grey, Light Grey, Grey, Mink Grey, Dark Grey, Anthracite, Black, Biscuit Beige, Leather Beige, Caramel, Fawn Beige, Cinnamon Brown, Light Brown, Leather Brown, Camel Beige, Gaberdine Grey, Copper Brown, Light Brandy Brown, Brandy Brown, Hazlenut Brown, Chocolate, Medium Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Wild Boar Brown, Light Havana Brown, Havana Brown, Medium Havana Brown, Mahogany, Plum, Bordeaux Red, Cherry Red, Hermes Red, Campari Red, Light Blue, Blue Denim, Azure Blue, Iris Blue, Sapphire Blue, Violet, Dark Purple, Magenta, Petrol Blue, Navy Blue, Khaki Green, Lime Green, Apple Green, Kiwi Garden Green, Forrest Green, Dark Green, Light Pink, Antique Pink, Pink, Rose Pampadour,  Mauve, Fuchsia, Red, Yellow, Peach, Orange, Steel Grey, Silver, Platinum, Light Gold, Trianon Gold, Bronze, Taupe, 

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