Saphir Reno'Mat Leather Cleaner

Saphir Reno'Mat Leather Cleaner

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For stain removal and in-depth cleaning of the pores of smooth leather, removing dirt marks and deposits of products based on resin and silicone. Essential before using Saphir shoe polish which contains neither silicone nor resin. Non-agressive formula.

It can also be used to remove darker polishes that may have mistakenly been applied.

You can apply this product on an occasional basis to very specific areas of the leather to remove any stains. Always shake the bottle vigorously before use to mix the two solutions together and make sure to use this stain remover in a well-ventilated area. Test the Saphir renomat stain remover beforehand on a hidden area of the shoe to ensure that it does not overly lighten the leather and wait 15 minutes for true results. After applying the stain remover, continue with your normal shoe polish routine.

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